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Tabasco, Mexico

Tourism Information

Located in the Gulf coast region in southern Mexico, Tabasco has a tropical climate, fertile terrain, mountains, rivers and lagoons surrounded by lush vegetation.

Here you can visit Villahermosa, the state capital, a modern and culturally rich city with beautiful parks, such as Parque-Museo La Venta, where you’ll see numerous Olmec archaeological pieces and a beautiful zoo. You can also visit Parque Tomas Garrido Canabal and the Carlos Pellicer Museum of Anthropology. This city also hosts an interesting carnival with floats, music and masked dancers, and in April it offers the Celebracion del Mes de Abril, a showcase of Tabasco’s most splendid crafts.

In the surrounding areas, you can visit the town of Nacajuca, which has a crafts plaza where they sell objects made from palm leaves and embroidered goods. Also of interest is archaeological zone La Venta, an ancient Olmec capital, and Comalcalco, an ancient Mayan ceremonial center that was built with bricks, rather than stones.

In the Agua Selva nature reserve you’ll find huge waterfalls, excellent cliffs for rock climbing and a cavern known as the Cueva de la Luz, an ideal spot for cave diving. At the Pantanos de Centla Biosphere Reserve, you can tour the Usumacinta and Grijalva rivers and visit the Yu-Balcah Ecotourism Center, a protected area that serves as a refuge for howler monkeys. In any of Tabasco’s cities or towns you can enjoy excellent cuisine like ensalada de pejelagarto (fish salad), tortas de iguana (iguana pancakes), pan de platano (banana bread) and pozol (a drink made from ground corn and cacao). These are just some of the dishes you can try here that have Mayan- and Chontal-influenced recipes.