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Sinaloa, Mexico

Tourism Information

Located on the Pacific coast in Mexico’s northwestern region, the state of Sinaloa has a hot climate, beautiful natural scenery and gorgeous cities with strong traditions and culture. The port of Mazatlan offers an interesting mix of traditional architecture in its Historic Center and lovely beaches, excellent hotels and fine restaurants in the Zona Dorada, its top tourist resort.

In the Zona Dorada you can enjoy wonderful facilities at the golf courses, which offer views of the ocean and the two marinas. The area also hosts important sports events, such as the Bisbee’s Billfish Classic fishing tournament, the Gran Torneo Internacional de Tenis, the Long Beach International Regatta and the Jesus Arnoldo Millan International Golf Tournament. Other notable events that take place there are the Sinaloa Arts Festival and the Carnival, considered one of the oldest and liveliest celebrations in the nation.

You can also tour other cities in Sinaloa, such as state capital Culiacan, where you’ll see interesting architecture and cultural centers. There you can also enjoy excellent food, primarily the delicious meat and seafood dishes. In the city of Los Mochis, located in the middle of an important agricultural region, you can check out the sugar mills, and at the Topolobampo Bay you can visit Farallon Island, home to thousands of birds and sea lions.

Finally, on the islands of Redo, Baradito and San Juan, you can do all kinds of water sports or go hiking to observe the diverse plant and animal species.