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Saskatchewan, Canada

Tourism Information

In the heart of North America. To the east and west are the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Alberta. To the south it borders the American states of Montana and North Dakota. To the north are Canada's North West Territories and Nunavut.

Saskatchewan's weather is the topic of many a conversation. From winter Chinooks, to autumn Indian summers, to summer thunderstorms. Our climate is four-season and variable. Spring, summer, fall and winter are distinct, and temperatures can fluctuate - sometimes dramatically.

Seasonal Averages
Saskatchewan summers are usually warm and dry. High temperatures range from 15 C (60 F) in May to the mid-30s C (90-95 F) in July and August. We average the most sunshine of any Canadian province; nights tend be cool. Winter normally begins in November and temperatures generally remain below the freezing point. Mild spring weather usually begins by April.