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Santiago, Dominican Republic

Tourism Information

The identifying symbol of this city is the Monument to the Heroes of the Restoration of the Republic, which dates back to the 1940s when it was elected as the "Trujillo Peace Monument". This solid white marble structure is 67 meters tall and has small museums in its interior.

Other important sites include the Santiago Apostle Cathedral, the Cultural Plaza, where the Duarte Park is located, and the Tobacco Museum, where the history and economic importance of this aromatic leaf is exhibited, among others such as:

The Central Recreational Building, its architecture having a certain Moslem influence, is one of the most exclusive private clubs in the country; adjacent to it is the Consistorial Palace (19th century), which is part of the Cultural Center. The Villa Santiago Museum is found in its interior. The theater and presentation hall is in the main building of the Cultural Center.

Other sites include the traditional street of commerce, Calle del Sol; the Tomas Morel Folkloric Museum, where many of the prized carnival masks are exhibited; and the Model Market, where one can acquire a variety of tropical fruits as well as arts and crafts.

General Information

Santiago was the second city in the country and is located in the middle of the Cibao valley, the center of the tobacco and rum industry. This historic and heroic city pay homage to the battles of independence with its restoration museum.

Santiago, center for one of the most important duty free zones in the country, offers an intense night life thanks to its excellent nightclubs, discos, restaurants, hotels and the hospitality and courtesy of its residents, which assure visitors a gratifying stay in this city of tradition.

Santiago is a cradle for rural merengue, which is danced to the pulse of instruments such as the "güira", the drums and the accordion and played by "Pericos Ripiao" groups.

The best way to enjoy and see this city that is filled with architectural relics is by horse drawn carriage or wagon.