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Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Tourism Information

The Isabel de Torres Scientific Reserve is located to the south of Puerto Plata city and is made up by the Isabel de Torres Hill, which rises to 800 meters.

The ruins of the first city in the New World are found in La Isabela, named in honor of Isabel the Catholic.

The Luperón Bay, surrounded by groves, has shallow waters and offers beautiful views.

Costambar possesses many resources for tourist infrastructure.

Playa Dorada is another tourist pole in the region as well as a pioneer in Dominican tourism. It has important hotels, restaurants, stores, shopping centers, and companies throughout its area.

Sosúa is a community that has developed a particular tourist offer. It possesses numerous small hotels as well as small and medium sized businesses and services.

Playa Cabarete is one of the main windsurfing spots in the world due to the conditions of the coast and the blowing winds. Its tourism development has been successful and offers a variety of bars, taverns, small coastal restaurants, and local hotels.

General Information

Puerto Plata is an immensely rich province due to its land and cattle production and developed tourism industry.

It is a land of sugar cane, rice, rum and tobacco. It also has the most important amber mines. Practically all of its coast has been included in ambitious tourism projects.

The city of Puerto Plata is the province capital. It was founded in 1496 by Bartholomew Columbus, at the foot of Isabel de Torres Hill.

It is a city with a strong Victorian style. The San Felipe Fort is one of its colonial relics. Among its other attractions is the cableway that rises to the top of the Isabel de Torres Hill and an important Amber Museum. It also has the second most important airport in the country.

The weather is humid, very good in the summer and fair in the winter. There are remnants of the forest vegetation, the most relevant are located in the Septentrional Mountain Range and the groves at the mouth of the Caño Orí. The fringe of the Puerto Plata coast was declared the National Park of the Puerto Plata Coast; the Isabel de Torres Hill was also declared a National Park.

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