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Peravia, Dominican Republic

Tourism Information

Paya is a small coastal town that still conserves the circular placement of the native villages. It is famous for its "dulces de leche" (milk candies).

Las Calderas is an important naval base guarded by the closed formation of the peninsula.

Las Salinas are salt mines produced in terraces where sea water evaporates.

Corbonito is an extensive beach with white sand dunes.

Sabana Buey is the last town in the province and the first in the southeast region of the country.

General Information

Peravia is an agricultural province near the Central Mountain Region in the north, thus meaning an abundance of water, especially for the municipalities of Rancho Arriba, San José de Ocoa, Nizao and Baní. This majestic area of the South region is known for its coastal riches.

The weather runs from dry to very dry, but is very good throughout the year. Vegetation is mainly dry forest, with thorny hill areas (including cactus) and an area of wooded vegetation near the salt mines.

The main attractions are the Bani Dunes, the groves in Las Calderas and Pueblo Viejo Bays, the view from the Ocoa Bay and Las Salinas.

Two important dams have been built in this province, the Higuey-Aguacate dam and the Valdesia dam.

Baní is the provincial capital, birthplace of General Máximo Gómez, liberator of Cuba. It was a town of abundant commerce for the products from the wood ranches and for horse breeding.

- Chiquita
- Corbanito
- Salinas
- Santana