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Pedernales, Dominican Republic

Tourism Information

Oviedo is head municipality, near the native deposit of Puerto de Pichirilo.

Jaragua National Park. This protected land is the largest of the National Parks and Scientific Reserves system, including an extensive marine area and the Beata and Alto Velo islands.

General Information

A large part of the Pedernales province forms the Jaragua National Park, including its three capes Beata, Falso and Rojo and the Beata island that is separated by the channel of the same name.

Near its coasts are the Salado and Dulce lakes and the Oviedo Lagoon, while the Bahoruco Sierra, of great historical importance (since this is where Cacique Enriquillo incited the rebellion), is in the north.

- Cabo Rojo
- Laguna Oviedo
- Playa Larga