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Appalachian Range Route, New Brunswick

The Atlantic salmon reigns supreme on this world famous river. Get hip-high in its waters. Or wade through its history. Sway to the music at the Folk Song Festival. Or traipse lightly across a suspension bridge. From fiddleheads and forests to ancient legends and lore, it's all found on the Miramichi shore!

Tall Tales, Riverside Adventure and Really Big Fish!

When you've got a river this big, this spectacular and this historic, you can't keep it secret for long which is exactly why the mighty Miramichi has become a world-famous Atlantic salmon-fishing river. On the shores, you can sway to the music of its folk song and Irish Festivals or traipse lightly across a suspension bridge in Priceville. From fiddleheads to forests, ancient legends and lore, it's all found on the Miramichi River Route.

Canada's Largest Irish Festival

The City of Miramichi is home to the Miramichi Irish Festival that features traditional Irish music, food, culture and more. The musical celebrations continue with the Miramichi Folk Song Festival, highlighting talented local performers as well as many provincial and internationally-acclaimed folksingers.

Unlock the secrets of local history and the mystery of the natural world at the Miramichi Natural History Museum. Before leaving, make sure to head down to Ritchie's Wharf where you'll discover a playground with a nautical theme, shops, and restaurants where you can satisfy your appetite with local favorites.

Riverside Adventure

Traveling from Miramichi to Fredericton on the Miramichi River Route will take you through some of the best outdoor adventure opportunities in the country. In Red Bank, you'll be welcomed to New Brunswick's oldest village where you can learn how a birchbark canoe is built and then dine on traditional Mi'kmaq cuisine. Next stop is canoeing the waters or learning the art of fly-fishing in Gray Rapids.

En route to Fredericton, the Atlantic Salmon Museum in Doaktown is a factual display of the history of our world-famous Atlantic salmon. The Central New Brunswick Woodmen's Museum (complete with trapper's cabin, lumber camp kitchen and bunkhouse) and the Doak Historic Site give a unique picture of how a lifestyle was carved from the surrounding woodlands and enjoyed on the rivers edge.

Shopping for Treasures

Beautiful wood turnings and sculpture, aboriginal handcrafted dream catchers and jewelry and hand-tied salmon fishing flies are the objects of desire on this river shopping trip!

Delectable Cuisine

And no visit to the Miramichi is complete without a taste of delicious river cuisine. And some of the best places to find your grilled salmon, pheasant stew and scrolling shaped fiddleheads (artfully shaped ferns gathered from the riverbanks) are from the many luxurious inns or rustic lodges throughout the area. The recipe and food are yours to enjoy alfresco or at home if you remember to pick up some before you leave.

Spend a week on the Miramichi and you'll discover for yourself what the world has known for centuries that this incredible waterway delivers adventure to on every wave and memories around ever bend!