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Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic, Tourism Information

The Monte Cristi National Park is located at the extreme northwest of the country, in part bordering with the Republic of Haiti and includes marine areas, coastal lagoons and the Siete Hermanos Keys.

Manzanillo is the beautiful bay formed by the Haitian and Dominican lands. It was an important port of the Cibao region during colonial times and until 1890, when the railroad that joined the north provinces and the Cibao region with Samana was built.

Pepillo Salcedo bears the name of the first Restoration president, who died when he was executed by the following government. It is a town located at the end of Mnazanillo, very near the border.

Presidente Point and Manzanillo Point are protrudign formations that protect the small bay.

Estero Balsa Beach is also a rudimentary fishing dock where small boats ("yolas"), which until recently were moved by oars, are now powered by small motor engines.

The Monte Cristi Bay is a beautiful bay crowned by the Siete Hermanos Keys, with beautiful virgin beaches. Here, the residents provide superficial diving equipment to visitors so that they may enter the transparent salt waters that bathe the reefs.

The Morro is a hill shaped like a stretched camel, like an old bloodhound guarding the dock of Monte Cristi city.

Monte Cristi Beach, with rough, red sand and strong waves that hit the shores is behind the El Morro hill. The beach itself is an impressive spectacle due to the majestic bravura of the sea.

General Information

Monte Cristi is a rustic and hot territory, filled with buckthorns. Its weather is hot and humid.

The city of Monte Cristi is located almost under sea level, which permits the water to enter and settle in the terraces built to capture the salt of the evaporating waters, making it one of the main salt producers in the country.

Fishing is another source of livelihood within the population, as well as buckthorn coal and sheep livestock.

It is a city of history and courageous and valiant figures. It is the location of the Máximo Gómez museum, the house where he and Cuban leader Jose Martí had their famous encounter.

It possess scarce tourist development; there are only a few hotels in the city and some cabins in the surrounding areas.

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- Estero Balsa
- Monte Cristi
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