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Michoacán, Mexico

Tourism Information

Located in Mexico’s southwestern region in an area with abundant natural beauty, thanks to the volcanic rock formations of the Sierra Madre del Sur.

In this territory you’ll discover vast natural areas and national parks such as Cupatitzio Canyon and the Jose Maria Morelos park. At these places you can go camping, do ecotourism outings and extreme sports, including mountain bike riding and paragliding. Also of interest is the protected Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, where the fir forest serves as nesting grounds for the monarch butterfly. In the state of Michoacan you’ll also find a wide variety of cultural events, some of which have many years of tradition, such as the Day of the Dead celebration at Lake Patzcuaro and on its nearby islands. There you’ll see some of the most visited churches in the state, try the excellent local cuisine and find all kinds of regional crafts at the stores and markets. Later, you can check out the nearby archaeological zones of Tzintzuntzan and Ihuatzio. In the city of Morelia, the state capital, you’ll see magnificent buildings in the Historic Center, which was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The notable edifices include the Cathedral and the Palacio de Clavijero, both of which remind visitors of the city’s fascinating history. Other interesting sites are the Hospital de la Huatapera de Uruapan and the Zamora Cathedral. On Michoacan’s coast you’ll find gorgeous beaches like Playa Azul and Lazaro Cardenas, which offer lodging and restaurants, and Maruata, Michoacan’s most famous beach and the nesting grounds for the black sea turtle.