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Jalisco, Mexico

Tourism Information

Located in Mexico’s western region along the Pacific coast, Jalisco borders the states of Nayarit, Zacatecas and Aguascalientes to the north, Colima and Michoacan to the south, and Guanajuato to the east.

Throughout most of the state you’ll get a mild climate, however the coastal region is hot and humid. The first place you can visit is Guadalajara, the state capital, where you’ll enjoy a festive atmosphere full of art and culture. Some of the most important religious and civic buildings there are the Cathedral, Palacio de Gobierno, Teatro Degollado and Instituto Cultural Cabañas, declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Near Guadalajara you can visit the cities of Tlaquepaque and Tonala, famous for their ceramics products. You can also check out important religious centers such as San Juan de los Lagos and Zapopan, which receives thousands of pilgrims each year. At Lake Chapala and Ajijic you can take long walks, go horseback riding, or play golf and various water sports.

Heading toward the coast, be sure to visit Tapalpa and the picturesque town of Tequila, where blue agave grows for the production of Mexico’s world-famous tequila.

Along Jalisco’s 280 km (173 mi) of coastline, you’ll discover fascinating beach destinations, including Puerto Vallarta and Costalegre. There you can enjoy top-notch hotels and excellent services offered at the spas and exclusive golf courses