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Dominican Republic Tourism Information

Country Information
Area: 48,422 sq km
Capital: Santo Domingo
Language: Official - Spanish, English widely spoken Dominican Republic
Religion: Roman Catholic, small Protestant and Jewish minorities.
Time Zone: GMT - 4
Electricity: 110 Volts AC, 60Hz

Passport: Valid pasport required by all

Currency: Dominican Rep. Peso = 100 centavos 

International Dialling Code: 1+809


The Dominican Republic enjoys a year-round tropical maritime climate. Its location at 17°36' - 19°58' latitude places it on the very border of the tropical zone. Temperatures average 23°C in the early mornings to 32°C at noon time year round. Temperatures rarely falling below 16°C nor rising above 32°C.The lowest temperatures occur in the mountain areas near Constanza, where temperatures have dropped to 0°C, while record highs in the summer have been registered at the border with Haiti, 39°C. May through November are regarded as the rainy season. Although the hurricane season goes from June through November, August-September are the peak of the season. David (August 1979) and Georges (September 1998) were the last major hurricanes to hit the island . All of these features have made the Dominican Republic a first-class tourist destination. Santo Domingo is accessible by air from New York (3 hours), Miami (less than 2 hours) and San Juan (45 minutes), as well as several major cities in Europe, Central and South America.


The country has a population of close to 8,000,0000 (7,900,000). Some 2,000,000 reside in the urban area, or the greater Santo Domingo area. The balance is spread throughout urban and rural areas of the nation's 26 provinces. Approximately 1,000,000 Dominicans live abroad in the United States. The second city is Santiago in the Cibao region (est. pop. 500,000), followed in importance by San Pedro de Macorís (est. pop. 200,000). Most of the population descend from the original Spanish settlers and their African slaves.

The Beaches of the Dominican Republic.

A special place where nature's treasures remain unspoiled and the simple joys of easy living are still easy to find. Here, in the heard of the Caribbean, you will discover more than 1,288 km of Coast line with the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean in all different styles. Find white sandy beaches, diving attractions and unspoiled nature all around the island.
Discover our regions world class resorts and explore the beauty of nature or the excitement of festivals and events.
Savor the many delights of fine cuisine or casual fare. Venture "off-the-beaten-path" and browse unique galleries, antique shops, and artists colonies. Challenge yourself with championship golf along the north coast of Playa Grande or just relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of the Island.