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Coahuila, Mexico

Tourism Information

Located in Mexico’s northern region, this large state has a hot climate and offers great natural beauty at places like the Sierra de Arteaga, an ideal spot to do various outdoor sports, and Cuatrocienagas, where you can swim and go diving in turquoise-blue ponds. You can also visit Maderas del Carmen, an important national park, and archaeological zones Rincon Colorado and General Cepeda, where you’ll see dinosaur fossils.

In the towns and cities of Coahuila you can enjoy urban areas, natural settings, and a hospitable atmosphere. One such place is the magical town of Parras de la Fuente, which offers unbeatable vineyards. In Saltillo, the state capital known as the Athens of the North due to its architecture and strong cultural traditions, you can attend lively fiestas like the Santo Cristo de la Capilla, which is a celebration of mestizo heritage. You can also buy such regional crafts as the famed saltillos (cotton serapes).

In the southwestern region, you can visit the city of Torreon, an important commercial and industrial center where you’ll see beautiful civic and religious buildings, such as the modern Cathedral of Carmen, the neoclassic Casino de la Laguna, and Isauro Martinez Theater, one of the most gorgeous edifices in Mexico. In the semi-desert surroundings, you can explore the Dunes of Bilbao or visit the spectacular Cristo de las Noas, a monumental sculpture located on top of the Cerro de las Noas. From the summit of the hill, you’ll get a magnificent panoramic view of the city and its surrounding areas.