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Campeche, Mexico

Tourism Information

Located in Mexico’s southeastern region, on the Yucatan Peninsula. Borders the state of Yucatan and the Gulf of Mexico to the north, Quintana Roo to the east, Tabasco to the southwest and Guatemala to the south.

In this state, which has a hot and humid climate, you can visit the capital, Campeche, an old commercial port that often came under the attack of pirates and privateers. In this walled city, you can see the forts, bulwarks and gates that once protected the residents from invasions. The city’s famed wall, now a top tourist attraction, has been revamped. Behind the wall you’ll find the Cathedral and many old buildings in the city’s Historic Center, which was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

In this state you can also visit amazing Mayan archaeological zones like Edzna and Calakmul, which lies in the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve. In addition to the ancient Mayan temples and palaces that you’ll see there, you can also do mountain bike riding, hiking or go on a photo safari, an experience that allows you to discover the natural beauty that left many explorers during the 19th and 20th centuries thoroughly impressed.

Campeche offers interesting tours of old haciendas that once produced grains, henequen and sugar cane, which were vital to the economy during the 17th century. At the various haciendas, you’ll have the opportunity to try delicious regional cuisine, including armadillo, venison, fish and seafood, and exotic vegetarian dishes. Don’t miss out on this enjoyable experience.