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Northern British Columbia, British Columbia, Canada

Tourism Information

Northern BC's vast wilderness comprises more than half the province - approximately 500,000 sq km (193,051 sq mi). This is a land of jagged mountain peaks, roaring rivers, serene lakes, green valleys, rugged coastlines and ancient island archipelagos.

The region is known for its magnificent freshwater and saltwater fishing, canoeing, kayaking, whitewater rafting and in the winter, powder skiing.
A wondrous system of national and provincial parks provides habitats and sanctuary for wildlife as small as birds and as large as grizzly bears. Easy walking trails and challenging backcountry routes abound, leading to such diverse natural sites as crashing waterfalls and ancient lava beds.

You won't want to miss the Queen Charlotte Islands, an untamed land rich in Haida culture and with distinct island flora and fauna that have evolved over thousands of years. A vibrant arts community also exists on these islands.

Some of the best examples of fossilized footprints in North America can be found in Northern BC, including the world's oldest bird footprints.