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Barahona, Dominican Republic, Tourism Information

Barahona is a coastal province that begins in Punta Martín García forming the Neiba Bay, where the Yaque del Sur River ends.

The provincial capital is Barahona, a large city over the cove with great urban and commercial development that is also the region's harbor. It begins to have important tourist offers, hotels and recently, an international airport.

The Barahona coast offers everything from abrupt cliffs to romantic beaches with narrow, sweet water streams, such as Los Patos, which is also a cave filled with pictographs.

Tourist Interest
Rincón Lagoon (also known as Cabral), located in the Neiba Valley, constitutes the second largest inland body of water and is the largest sweet water body of water in the country.

Punta Prieta is located right outside the bay and next to the town of Juan Esteban, with the Saladilla and San Rafael Beaches.

Paraíso is the head municipality located at the mouth of the Nazito River, an area where the waters run towards the seas forming ponds and baths of template waters surrounded by wet and thick vegetation.

Enriquillo is the last coastal town in the province.

El Caletón
El Paraíso
La Ciénaga
Los Patos
Playa Bahoruco
Punta Arena
San Rafael
Las Salinas