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Baja California, Mexico

Tourism Information

Located in northwestern Mexico on the Baja California Peninsula, this state has the waters of the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Gulf of California to the east. The region’s unbeatable desert and sea landscapes and its many legends will captivate you.

In this state you’ll find the mountain landscapes and wooded areas at parks San Pedro Martir and Constitucion de 1917 fascinating. The biodiversity in these areas offers the ideal setting for an ecotourism outing.

In Tijuana, one of the state’s most important border cities, you can see various cultural events at the modern Centro Cultural, including the International Dance Festival and the Opera Festival. Tijuana is also known for its vibrant nightlife, as it has numerous bars, restaurants and nightclubs where you can see live shows.

During your visit, you can visit the fertile valleys of Guadalupe, San Antonio, Santo Tomas and San Vicente, which make up part of Mexico’s famous wine producing region. The state also hosts many important food festivals throughout the year, such as the Paella and Wine Fair, the Seafood and Fish Festival, the Tequila Festival and the Caesar Salad Festival (the Caesar salad was created in this state). All of these events allow you to enjoy the creativity that goes into Baja California cuisine.

In the state’s northwestern region, you can visit the port of Ensenada, which draws many tourists each winter to witness the migration of the gray whale.