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Azua, Dominican Republic, Tourism Information

The province of Azua, characterized by an arid climate on most of its ground, has achieved a miraculous change in its physiognomy in the last decades.

Tourist Interest
Ocoa Bay is extensive and ideal for fishing the local "curricán". It begins in Palmar de Ocoa, the site of one of the most impressive sunsets in the country.

Caracoles Beach is also located in Ocoa Bay. This is the historic beach where in 1973 the guerilla forces of Francisco Alberto Caamaño disembarked. The Tortuguero Dock and the Monte Río Beach next to Vigía Point, finish the arch formed by the bay before reaching the Puerto Viejo and Agua Dulce keys.

Barrera is a deposit located near the town of the same name on a small plateau 900 meters above seal level in the region of La Tinaja, between Azua and Barahona.

The Martín García Sierra is the natural border between Azua and Barahona, which begins in the Point of the same name.

- Puerto Viejo
- Blanca
- Caracol
- Monte Río
- Palmar de Ocoa